Lower Extremity Injury While Undergoing Urology Procedures in the Trendelenburg with Lithotomy Position: Three Case Reports (1.25 CH – DC)

Authors: Greta M. Vladinov, DNP, CRNA, CHSE, Betty Glick, DNP, CRNA, Henry O. Aguirre, DNP, CRNA, Robert S. Fiala, MD, Joni M. Maga, MD
The purpose of this article is to report and discuss the incidence of severe lower extremity injuries associated with robotic procedures in Trendelenburg with lithotomy position. A case study method was used to describe three cases of patients who underwent robotically assisted urological procedures in Trendelenburg with lithotomy position and developed serious lower extremities injuries resulting in fasciotomies. Furthermore, a literature review was conducted to evaluate risk factors and possible interventions for the prevention of similar injuries.

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